Bath & North East Somerset: Our Local Policies

The Green Party stands out from the other parties in opposing the steady run-down of the economy through a policy of discredited austerity cuts.  Let's keep the profit motive out of the health service, rebuild our local communities and a spirit of cooperation in our public services. 

If we want to leave a decent legacy for our grandchildren, we have to deal with environmental degradation and dramatic changes in our climate. In BaNES we must play our part in making changes that will enable us to guarantee our long-term future.

Our Local Priorities

Quality of LifeJobs and ProsperityThe Environment

Air Quality

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air. We would use a range of measures such as Low Emission Zones near population centres and schools to bring air pollution under control.

Social Justice

Everyone has a right to a fair wage. We believe the council should lead by example, and ensure that all its employees and contractors are paid at least a living wage.

Climate Change

Everyone has the right to a world with a future. Climate change is the greatest challenge of the modern age. We would set ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions (75% by 2030) in Bath and the BaNES area to ensure a secure future for future generations.


Everyone has a right to move around safely, affordably and comfortably. We would prioritise walking, cycling and public transport in our budgeting.


Everyone has a right to choose local businesses which create jobs and prosperity keeping money in the community. We would use the council’s property portfolio to prioritise small independent businesses and support our thriving local economy.


Everyone has the right to affordable energy and a warm home. We would promote and support energy conservation schemes and renewable energy production. We will continue to resist any fracking, and price-gouging by the energy industry.

Social care

Everyone has a right to live with dignity. We would continue to resist cuts to essential care services to ensure people get the care they need.


Everyone has a right to have a say in decisions that affect them. We would devolve council powers to neighbourhood councils and community level wherever possible.

Open Spaces

Everyone has the right to local parks and green spaces. We will protect and expand these treasured community assets and oppose any attempts to build on the green belt.


Detailed Local Policy

Select the items below to view local policies for our Green Vision for a healthier, fairer and better Bath and North East Somerset:

Climate Change Transport The NHS
Open Spaces Housing Education
Local Democracy Waste Planning
Energy Social Welfare Local Shops
Employment Crime and Community The Arts
Tourism Food  Finance


Position Statements

Where the party has been asked for a position on a local issue that is not already covered by one of the policies above, or is very specific, it is listed below:

National Policy

The National Green Party has identified six key areas for policy.  Select the relevant image below to find out more, or follow this link to go to the full detailed policy pages:

Fair Economy Safe Climate Public NHSFree Education Better Transport Decent Homes