The Arts

We value participation as well as excellence in the arts: we do not value hierarchy. Artistic expression permeates all human activity and can be thought of holistically as part of, not separate from, people's lives.

Decisions about the arts should be made at the most local level. Our policies aim to enable people to participate by extending opportunities to enjoy the arts and to develop more relevant structures of support for the arts.

To this end we would:

  1. Support new and emerging arts practitioners and arts organisations
  2. Encourage greater cultural diversity within existing provision in Bath
  3. Encourage through the arts lifelong learning, in particular, among adults
  4. Promote projects that aim to engage with hard to reach audiences, the socially excluded and those most vulnerable in society
  5. Encourage greater accessibility to the arts through pricing, innovative programming and bringing arts out from traditional venues and into the heart of communities
  6. Encourage greater involvement by the community in the future development of the arts in Bath.

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