Good food, produced in a sustainable and ethical way, is essential for health and for the economy. To promote this we would:

  • Work to encourage greater availability of locally sourced, organic food. Food bought in from nearby farms reduces the impact of transport on our environment and supports jobs in local rural and farming communities
  • Actively seek to support small local shops and reduce the demand for supermarkets
  • Support ethically traded food
  • Increase the opportunities for food production by local residents, particularly through supporting greater availability of allotments and smallholdings
  • Aim to preserve all remaining orchards and market gardens within Bath & North East Somerset and promote opportunities to increase numbers of these
  • Support all opportunities for selling local produce, but particularly through local, independently run shops and markets of all types. For example, we would support the farmers’ market, including putting up signs to direct the public to it.
  • Support communal buying systems that allow residents to buy in organic and locally sourced food more efficiently. These will also help to establish the market for these.

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