NRB100 Bath and North East Somerset (BaNES) council has adopted a zero waste strategy, but has moved very little towards this. This would be prioritised. In 2016/7, only 54% of household waste was recycled. The council’s Zero Waste Strategy would be extended to include all policies specified in this section.

NRB101 Council offices will reduce waste by 50% within two years and achieve a recycling rate of 75%. This will be reinforced by purchasing policy.

NRB102 Commercial waste collection is currently operated by a multitude of different contractors. A system for commercial recycling collection will be set up and charges increased.

NRB103 The council will work with retailers to reduce packaging and ensure that it is all suitable for recycling with council contractors.

NRB104 Businesses will store their waste on their own premises, not on public land.

NRB105 The use of gull-proof bags and effective food recycling by businesses that does not attract gulls or rats will be enforced.

NRB106 A greater take-up of recycling will be encouraged, helping residents to transition from weekly to fortnightly landfill collections.

NRB107 Local re-use centres will be set up to encourage bartering and waste product reuse.

NRB108 Recycling points will be set-up in residential and shopping areas, with separate bins for paper, glass and plastic, to encourage both visitors and shoppers to recycle.

NRB109 The use of British-based waste processing facilities will be supported to avoid transporting waste around the world.

NRB110 Anti-litter policies in the city will be strengthened. Parks and streets will be cleaned regularly.

NRB111 Incineration will not be used to deal with waste.

NRB112 The removal of the recycling centre in central Bath will be opposed. It is essential that this is located in a convenient central Bath location.

NRB113 Implement curbside recycling for all materials where recycling is currently viable but not offered by BaNES.

NRB114 The recycling of all materials that are currently not recycled will be investigated on at least an annual basis. The council will release an annual public report listing each material not recycled with steps taken to investigate recycling the material.




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