NHS Campaign

Despite what they say, this government is privatising the NHS by stealth. By the start of 2014, 70% of all new contacts had gone to private companies.


Why is this such a disaster for our NHS?


Surveys show the NHS is one of the most cost-effective healthcare services in the world. The costs of healthcare are rising and, in real terms, the NHS budget is shrinking year by year. Privatising health services is not the solution this government says it is, because:

  • private firms exist to make profits, so 15% or more of the public money they are being paid from our taxes goes to their shareholders, not to providing healthcare 
  • private firms only choose the most profitable areas of care - leaving expensive, challenging healthcare to the NHS
  • so as more services are privatised in one area, local hospitals and other NHS services become less  viable and have to close
  • private firms refuse to talk to other health providers, so joined-up care is lost and vital information is not passed on, putting lives in danger

A privatised health service will cost far more and be much less safe and effective – so keep the NHS public.


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