• All new housing will be to the highest environmental standards.
  • Housing should first and foremost be built with high quality and, where possible, local building materials using traditional building methods.
  • We would increase the amount of social housing in the Bath area as it is currently insufficient to meet the need. Social and affordable housing should be the priority in any housing development for the foreseeable future. Bath needs a socially mixed population and the Green Party will endeavour to serve this need.
  • We would ensure the council surveys all empty property, including privately owned, and begins a process of using compulsory purchase orders on properties that have been vacant for longest.
  • We would seek to ensure that all new housing developments are mixed developments, with an aim of at least 50% social housing.
  • We would give priority to housing that is suitable for families to ensure that Bath retains a diverse social community (as family housing can also be lived in by single people, but families cannot live in housing built especially for single people)
  • We would ensure that new housing development encourages sustainable transport use, including car-free housing estates with easy access to public transport and within walking distance of all main facilities.
  • In some areas of Bath there are increasing numbers of houses in multi- occupancy. To ensure that we do not end up with high densities of this type of housing, we would introduce controls to restrict the numbers of houses in multi-occupancy to ensure we keep mixed communities.

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