As a World Heritage City Bath is a major destination for tourists and this contributes to the culture and economy of the city. We wish to encourage tourists who have a low impact environmentally, both at a local and global level. However we are concerned that current trends mean that the city's tourism is responsible for a significant amount of pollution, especially through the transport modes that tourists use to arrive. We are also concerned that current tourism in the city is geared mainly to those on high incomes, and feel this does not accord with our principles of social justice.

TMB100 Improve tourist provision at the rail and bus stations, along the canal, river and the main cycling and walking routes into the city and within North East Somerset.

TMB110 Develop high environmental and ethical charters for accommodation providers and others involved in the tourist industry to sign up to, and use the planning system to encourage their participation.

TMB120 Aim to ensure that there is a mixture of accommodation provision, so that there is sufficient provision for those who are on low incomes and those who travel here in environmentally friendly ways.

TMB130 Support any businesses aiming specifically to bring tourists here using environmentally friendly transport modes. Examples of this include the Green Express train service from northern England to Bath, and cycle holiday centres and cycle hire centres that are based in the city.

TMB140 Ensure that all who work in tourist related employment in the city do not suffer from exploitative employment practices.

TMB150 We will aim to make Bath into a city renowned for its 'green' tourism to use this as part of the appeal of the city in any promotion.

TMB160 Use planning to limit AirB&B so that it cannot be used for more than 60 nights without planning permission.

TMB170 Introduce a Visitor Infrastructure Contribution at a rate of 2% of the nightly room rate (minimum of £2) per night.

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