Social Welfare

We believe that all individuals should be able to lead empowered and fulfilled lives, but recognise that most people will at some stage in their lives need some support. We also recognise that behind the affluent facade of our city the most vulnerable members of our community can be marginalized to the point of neglect.

Despite the hard work of professionals, it is our view that many of the current services for the young, the elderly and those with mental health problems or physical and learning disabilities are often perceived to be minimal; inadequate; disempowering; discriminatory and ineffective. This places additional stress on service users and their carers.

Green Party Councillors would always seek to ensure effective and adequate levels of social care provision within B&NES.

We would therefore:

  • Ensure sufficient funding to provide a more diverse range of community and self-help services for all who need them
  • Ensure that the Social Services budgets are adequate and ensure that personal care and support services are affordable
  • Remodel services to provide a model of independent living. These would enable users and carers to gain the services, respite and finances they individually deserve
  • Make strong representations for much more affordable social housing with a particular emphasis on provision for the under 25s
  • Ensure that effective consultations take place with service users and others to monitor the effectiveness of Social care services provided by B&NES and charity providers.

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