Eleanor Field - Bathavon North

Eleanor Field - Bathavon North

Hello. I have lived in Bath and the surrounding area since 2005 and found my home in the Green Party in 2014.

I work in the electric vehicle industry as an IT project manager and have one daughter, at Uni in Bristol.

Living in Batheaston offers me a lot in terms of local amenities, plenty of green space, clean air and lovely neighbours. I value my community and would like to give more support to making Batheaston even better. I am particularly passionate about the re-introduction of trams as I think this would be the best solution to reducing our heavy traffic, creating local jobs and providing affordable transport for all.

People are aware of how climate change is going to affect our lives more and more and the Green Party is the only party to be trusted to highlight and realistically plan for how we will cope in extreme weather and other climate related events.

Looking more locally, our communities need protection too. Our council thinks it acceptable to allow plans for greenbelt land in London Road to be concreted over for a supermarket nobody needs. This was brought to my attention by Joanna Wright, Green Party councillor in Lambridge. Imagine if Joanna had some more Green colleagues on the council in BaNES - the potential for improving our city & surrounding areas is limitless.