Stuart Dobson - Weston

Stuart Dobson - Weston

I went to school in Bath, left to go to Uni, came back permanently in 2001. I'm married with 2 children. I work for an accountancy practice in Saltford.

I joined the Green Party for many reasons: the coherent approach to looking after the planet, social justice and welfare, energy and education policies, and renationalising the rail network. We are the only party to conssitently reject ‘austerity’ and provide a fairer alternative.

I am concerned about privatisation and distribution of assets created with tax revenues to private companies, especially the NHS and education, and the ensuing redistribution of wealth to the wealthiest members of society.

I ride a bike as much as possible for transport and for fun, and I would like to make the Bath area a safe place to cycle for everybody, not just the brave, or foolhardy.

Bath's Transport Strategy needs to focus on reducing traffic levels and therefore air pollution, better public transport, and overall an improved infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists.

As I councillor I would aim to support local business creating high value jobs, promote local energy production and energy efficient homes.