Saskia Heijltjes - Lambridge

Saskia Heijltjes - Lambridge

Saskia Heijltjes has lived locally since moving to the east of Bath over seven years ago and she likes living here because of the easy access to parks and greenspaces, and the village for shops and facilities such as the post office, pharmacy and New Oriel Hall.

Saskia has previously worked at the University of Bath and currently works for a small business where her management skills are being well used particularly with regard to digital marketing. Saskia has a great deal of professional experience as an editor and she is able to make sense of and understand complex council documents, and she knows how to take forward actions to benefit local residents from her sound knowledge base.

Saskia is a passionate campaigner trying to protect a future for our children. She’s an active organiser within the community and as a parent of school-aged children can often be found at Alice Park and New Oriel Hall or in a council based meeting making sure that residents’ views are being heard.

As a Councillor for Lambridge Saskia works hard for local residents who she values and respects and she holds the council to account. Saskia fights for a fair, clean and healthy community.