Dr Lyn Barham - Widcombe and Lyncombe

Lyn Barham - Widcombe and Lyncombe

I am a recently retired researcher who worked in the field of career development for some decades.

Locally, I have been active in green politics for all my adult life. I commit time to various organisations promoting community gardening and campaigning on the underlying issues of fair access to fresh, high quality food for all, regardless of circumstances.

We need to seize the chances to make genuine changes that will enable healthy lifestyles in a healthy environment, so playing our part in this locality to effect change which addresses the climate emergency facing the planet.

I will target my energies on improving the public transport network as well as lobbying for increasing the provision for safe walking and cycling routes. I will campaign on actions that support the energy transition so that sustainable, cheaper energy becomes available to all.

With all policy initiatives, I will ensure that the needs of those least privileged in our community receive full recognition.