Joanna Wright - Lambridge

Joanna Wright - Lambridge

Joanna Wright has represented the people of Lambridge as one of their councillors since 2019 and is currently a Green Party councillor at Bath and North East Somerset Council.

Between 2019 and 2021 Joanna served as the Cabinet Member for Transport.

Joanna has campaigned for a skate park on the east of Bath for over 12 years and once elected she ensured that this facility was delivered in 2021 in Alice Park, Bath.

Joanna was awarded a Visiting Research Fellowship in 2017 from the University of Bath when she undertook community research on "How do parents take their children to school and why they choose to travel that way". This research revealed the significant increases in traffic during school term times in Bath. Joanna ensured the data collected was presented back to the community in the form of art installations, including a show with Fringe Arts Bath.

Joanna has lived in Bath for over 20 years with her family. She was previously Curator of Photographs at the Royal Geographical Society in London, as well as managing a major collection she initiated various books including "Everest, Summit of Achievement" and a touring exhibition in the Caribbean of Harry Johnston's images, in conjunction with the British Council.

As the sole Green councillor on Bath & NE Somerset Council until 2023 she worked hard to deliver many improvements in her local ward, as well as putting through three motions at full council:

  • Fairer Democracy-Proportional Representation
  • Nuclear Energy has no place in a Climate Emergency
  • Reducing HGV traffic on Narrow Roads

She now continues her vital work as part of a group of three Green councillors.