Guy Norfolk - Chew Valley

>Guy Norfolk - Chew Valley

Guy and his wife have lived in their family home in Norton Malreward for over 30-years. For those that don’t know him, he can usually be seen walking around the local country lanes collecting litter once or twice a week.

Since retiring as a south-Bristol GP, Guy has become increasingly concerned about the climate and ecological crisis and the potentially devastating impact this will have on the likes of his young grandchildren. He believes that the choices we make now, matter more than ever and, it is not good enough to do nothing simply because as individuals we can only do a little.

If elected, Guy promises you a hard-working councillor who will prioritise residents’ needs over his own pet projects. He will commit to:

  • Continuing the fight against the expansion of Bristol airport;
  • Ensuring that the right sort of houses are built in the right areas of the Chew Valley;
  • Encouraging the council to focus on rural communities as much as it does on Bath so that, for example, the repair of our potholes gets a similar priority to those in the city;
  • Improving public transport links in the Chew Valley;
  • Putting environmental concerns at the heart of BANES policy making;
  • Supporting and advocating for the socially marginalised.

Guy is proud to be the Green Party candidate for Chew Valley.

Every Green vote is a vote to keep the climate and nature emergency on the political agenda.

Every Green vote matters.