Chris Alsop - Timsbury

Chris Alsop - Timsbury

I grew up in Bristol before moving to the Bath area in 2013, where I've lived since.

While it's a fortunate person who lives oblivious of the climate crisis we're all wrapped up in, my job as a professional travel writer has perhaps focused my mind more keenly on the issue than others. As has being the father of two young children.

I joined the Green Party in order to lend my support to an organisation where the environment is not a recent add-on, but a fundamental tenet. It's also a party of integrity.

Causes particularly close to my heart are a swifter transition to cleaner, more affordable sources of fuel, sewage-free waterways, and increased and improved infrastructure for greener forms of transport, where helpful. And while I'm an advocate for a change to a green economy as swiftly as possible, I'm also aware that one size can't fit all, that communities, as with people, have specific needs.

A vote for me as your councillor is a vote for an even more environmentally friendly Timsbury. It's a vote to preserve this beautiful village's glorious green spaces. And it's a vote for an open ear and creative thinking to ensure that Timbury's more sustainable future is a successful one for all.