Dr Ben Mulhearn - Walcot

Dr Ben Mulhearn - Walcot

I moved to the South West for a work placement in 2018, and then to Bath in 2020, with my husband Brian and our dog Donal.

I originally grew up in Lancashire in a working class town and after moving to Walcot in Bath I couldn’t help but notice the huge life inequalities facing people. Becoming more politically-aware, I decided to join the Green Party as many of their policies are most closely aligned to my own core values.

As a junior doctor I see first-hand the inequality which is baked into society. I feel strongly that this deep inequality is at the root of many of our social and economic problems. I am also a strong believer that it is impossible to achieve wealth without good health, and that there should be a strong emphasis on the prevention of disease rather than treating it after it has arisen. For me, strong public services should be the blueprint for a society which cares for its poorest and less well-off members. Essential services should not be left to market forces, in my opinion.

I believe that it is only when people are able to stop ‘just surviving’ and start 'living well’ that they will be able to think more about the environment and what can be done to save it, nourish it, and cherish it.

I have an allotment close by and I like to cycle most places in Bath, although I sometimes feel like I am taking my life into my own hands doing so! Safe public transport and reducing through-traffic would be greatly beneficial for the safety and health of the residents of Bath.

Furthermore, renting in Bath is astronomical. More protection for tenants and more affordable social housing should be prioritised so that people who work here also have the security to live here.

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