Anne Coghlan - Bathavon South

Anne Coghlan - Bathavon South

I have lived in Conkwell for 32 years. My children all went to Freshford Primary School and I am closely involved with many of the villages that make up Bathavon South.

I retired several years ago having had a successful career in Finance. I became involved with the Green Party two years ago, having become disillusioned with the dishonesty and lack of democracy with our current democratic system and, crucially, the lack of will by governments to tackle the climate crisis.

I believe that I can make a difference at the level of local politics and electing a Green Party candidate will be a strong message that we must and will change.

I will champion improving the public transport network as well as lobbying for increasing the provision for safe walking and cycling routes. I will champion actions that support the energy transition so that sustainable, cheaper energy becomes available to all.

I will listen and work with the local community to ensure that Bathavon South continues to be a thriving neighbourhood.