Search for B&NES homeowners willing to showcase their energy efficient homes

20 June 2023

Residents who have added energy efficient features such as solar panels, heat pumps and water recycling to their home are being invited to showcase their property as part of the Green Open Homes B&NES weekend in November.

The open homes event, which is being led by Bath & West Community Energy (BWCE) in partnership with Bath & North East Somerset Council, Buro Happold, Bath Preservation Trust and Transition Bath, will take place on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 November.

The event aims to showcase a variety of housing types, including listed buildings that have introduced a range of solutions from low-cost DIY methods such as draft proofing and smart power controls to more extensive options, such as wall insulation and triple glazing. Visitors will be able to see examine the technology and ask questions of the homeowners to learn about different solutions, the installation process and the prospective energy savings to gain an understanding of how they could improve the energy performance and sustainability of their own homes.

Homeowners interested in opening their home for Green Open Homes B&NES can find more information and complete a form on the BWCE website giving details about the age of their property and what measures have been introduced. Properties will be selected from those offered to showcase different types of retrofits.

Business owners interested in sponsoring the event or anyone interesting in volunteering either to help with planning of the event or on the day to support the homeowners and ensure the event runs smoothly can complete a form on the BWCE website.

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