Greens Organise Public Meeting/Workshop to Tackle Bath's Poor Air Quality

25 April 2018


The Green Party has been campaigning to improve our air quality in Bath and NE Somerset for decades, but no one organisation can have all of the good ideas. Political action is vital  but it is too important for a single party to try to ‘own’.

We are therefore organising a public meeting / mini-conference / workshop to thrash-out an approach for a shared way forward. We want groups, organisations and individuals with helpful ideas to have a platform. Nothing will be considered too radical or off the table as long as it is positive, constructive and effective. The event will take place on the evening of Wednesday 23rd of May. 

Groups or individuals can speak about their ideas for 15-20 minutes and/or man a stall to present their plans. When everyone has spoken a vote will be taken to rank the ideas and create a ‘people’s air quality manifesto’ for Bath and NES, which we will publicise.

Tickets are free and can be applied for via the EventBrite page for the event.

If you are interested in taking part as a speaker please email

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