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25 April 2017

Bath Green Party

Reacting to the news that Jay Risbridger has resigned as the candidate for the Liberal Democrats, Eleanor Field, Bath’s Green Party candidate said, “It is a great shame that Jay will be taking a step back from Bath’s politics. He worked hard on the StrongerIN campaign and I'll be honoured to pick up this mantle and now being the only Pro-EU candidate in this election.”

Eleanor added, “Instead of rushing to find a new candidate, or parachuting somebody in who doesn’t know Bath, this is an opportunity for Bath Liberal Democrats to discuss with the Green Party and other progressive forces how best to ensure how Bath is represented in Parliament by someone who represents majority opinion in the city. It is also an excellent opportunity for Bath to elect its first ever female Member of Parliament.”

“Many Bath residents have asked the more progressive parties to put ‘party politics as usual’ aside and work together to ensure Bath’s new MP will be more representative of public opinion in the city, for the common good. Here is the opportunity to take this forward.”

Bath and North East Somerset Green Party have written to the Liberal Democrats to call for discussions to form a electoral alliance now that Eleanor Field remains the only pro-EU candidate in the race.

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