Bath Green Party Candidate Reveals Shocking Attitude of Local Conservatives to Food Poverty

20 February 2018

Bath Conservative Association has been widely criticised in the press after being questioned by Bath's Green Party candidate on Saturday [17th March].

Lin Patterson Protests Boundary Changes

26 January 2018

The boundaries of wards in Bath and NE Somerset are changing. Green councillor Lin Patterson joined others to protest this move against democratic accountability.

Green Party select PPC for Snap Election in Bath

06 December 2017

Bath and North East Somerset Green Party have selected Dom Tristram to be their PPC in the event of a snap general election in Bath.

why vote green

Why voting Green matters

22 June 2017

We will have to decide on what sort of Britain we want to live in. Whether we want to stick with politics as usual, or if we want to live in a Britain where people and the planet are put first.

green housing in bath

Bath Green Party's Affordable Housing Pledges

22 June 2017

Together they launched their housing policy pledges to Bath. Eleanor Field is proposing to introduce a living rent for all through rent controls, provide more secure tenancies for private renters, and introduce mandatory licensing for all landlords.

“The people of Bath are being failed on Mental Health”

10 May 2017

Eleanor Field, Green Candidate for Bath, has lambasted the government for failing people experiencing mental health issues.

Caroline Lucas visiting to support 'Let Bath Breathe' campaign

03 May 2017

With the news 92% of Bath’s air pollution coming from road traffic and the Government’s lack of action in tackling Nitrogen Dioxide, Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas will visit Bath on May 4th to support ‘Let Bath Breathe’ and other local campaigns aiming to reduce air pollution in the city.

Green Party announces its Brexit Policy “Giving a voice back to the People”

02 May 2017

Caroline Lucas will offer voters the chance to remain in the EU as she announced the Green Party’s new Brexit pledge at on Tuesday 2 May. Lucas, Green Party co-leader, will pledge to give voters a final say on any Brexit deal – with the chance to stay in the EU if they don’t like the deal the Government negotiates.

Eleanor Field, Jonathan Bartley and Sam

I will fight for free education and affordable homes - Promises Bath's Eleanor Field

30 April 2017

Young people met with Jonathan Bartley and Eleanor Field, Green Party Co-Leader and Parliamentary Candidate respectively, to discuss the growing issue of students and young people being priced out of Bath.

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