Jeff Workman

“for the first time I felt like I found a home” - a tribute to Jeff Workman

26 February 2017

We’ve recently lost a wonderful member of the Green family with the unexpected death of Jeff Workman.

Darren Hall grassroots

“We can’t let Tories price Greens out of elections” slams Darren Hall

21 February 2017

Darren Hall, the Green Party candidate for the West of England Metro Mayoral elections, has condemned the Conservative government’s decision to increase the deposit to stand in the elections by ten-fold – to an unprecedented £5,000.


Pedestrianisation: An Old Dream with New Legs

21 February 2017

Cars don’t add much to city centre life. Apart from the pollution and carbon that causes early deaths and climate change, cars dominate the street-level cityscape.

molly scott cato

Molly Scott Cato Green MEP slams Conservatives on Brexit

07 February 2017

Green MEP for the South West, Molly Scott Cato, held a talk organised by Bath for Europe and slammed the Conservatives for ignoring local business needs in the aftermath of the EU referendum.

Lin Patterson

“It's a Sham” Lin Patterson Walks out of Bath City Forum

03 February 2017

Bath City Forum is a relatively new creation still finding its feet. The original idea was to give the people of Bath a voice in the governance of the City. I walked out in anger over the quashing of a proposal that the Forum ask Ben Howlett, MP, to vote against any national budget that would hurt Bath.

Eleanor Field

Letter to Bath MP - Article 50 - think before you leap

01 February 2017

Our MP Candidate, Eleanor Field, writes an open letter to Bath MP Ben Howlett on his voting choice on Article 50

Judy Bailey

A Speech to the Cabinet on Park and Ride - Judy Bailey

26 January 2017

A speech given to cabinet 25.1.17 on the proposed Park and Ride to the east of Bath, delivered and written by Green Party and Bathampton Meadows Alliance campaigner Judy Bailey.

Park and Ride decision

Devastating Vote on “Clueless” Plans against strong residential opposition

26 January 2017

The Bath and North East Somerset Council have decided to go ahead with the Park and Ride in the East of Bath. After a big protest outside the guild hall, the B&NES Council Cabinet decided to go ahead with their controversial plans.

Open Letter to Tim Warren, BaNES Council Leader

23 January 2017

East of Bath Park & Ride: an open Letter to Tim Warren, BaNES Council Leader

Sally Calverley: The women's march 21Jan: why I won't "suck it up"

21 January 2017

Sally Calverley: Why I won't "suck it up"

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