General Election Fundraiser Now Live

6 June 2024

The General Election has been called!

In just a few weeks, voters will make their voices heard at the ballot box. We have Green candidates selected to appear on the ballot across Bath and North East Somerset, but we need financial support to cover our costs. Your donation will help us get there.

Bath and North East Somerset Green Party

We need more Green MPs in Parliament to advocate for your needs, public services and climate action. Our three Green candidates are selected and ready to stand, lending their voices to protect BathNES's public services and advocate for climate justice. They will work with our elected local councillors to safeguard our public services and promote sustainable policies in BathNES

Let’s make sure every voter has the choice of voting Green in BathNES. Donate, and help us get Greens on the ballot in all three constituencies here.

Why we need your help

We need to pay a deposit of £500 to stand in each of the three constituencies, plus the cost of leaflets and posters to get the word out about our candidates. We want every voter in BathNES to have the chance to vote Green. An effective election campaign also helps us get ready for the 2027 BathNES local elections. 

We have three fantastic candidates, but we need your help to raise funds to be on the ballot paper.

The Green Party doesn't have rich backers, we have to raise all the money we spend ourselves. But what we do have is people power, people like you who believe in what we do and want us to help get our message out there.

To stand and campaign in all three seats we need to raise at least £3000. Your donation could make all the difference to our campaign.

Every donation, no matter how big or small, helps us towards our target, and every donation has a double or triple impact:

  • Your donation gets a Green candidate for Parliament to challenge the old parties.
  • By helping our candidates to stand, your donation enables all the votes they receive to translate into government funding for the Green MPs elected elsewhere.
  • If all three candidates retain their deposits, those funds come back and can be spent by the Green Party again, so we can keep building strength both locally and nationally.

Please donate what you can and together we can people-power our campaign.

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