Police and Crime Commissioner Election 2nd May – Make Sure You Are Registered To Vote!

The next election in BaNES is on the 2nd of May for the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The Green Party candidate is Katy Grant. Please make sure you vote! The Greens have a distinctive message on policing and support using evidence of what works to reduce crime rather than more populist policies. The deadline to register to vote is the 17th of April. It only takes five minutes online.

Currently serving as a councillor in Bristol Katy is also a local magistrate and cares passionately about the rule of law and protecting the vulnerable, but she also sees the urgent need to address the fundamental reasons why people end up committing crime.

As PCC she would prioritise crime prevention, working with the groups who are most likely to become criminals, but also most likely to suffer the impacts of crime and she will be able to make this case as our candidate.

Katy grew up on a farm on the Devon/Somerset border, near Exmoor, so she has a long-standing understanding of rural life and the southwest region.

Katy says:

“As a Green, I believe strongly in policing by consent, but this is only possible when the police can be trusted to act for everybody in the communities they serve. We have seen recently in this region how much work still needs to be done to improve culture inside the police force. If elected, I will strengthen the independence and accountability of misconduct panels, while building recognition of the integrity of the vast majority of officers. Above all, I will ensure Avon and Somerset Police get closer to and re-gain the trust of the communities they serve.”

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