Statement by Bath and NE Somerset Council Chair on behalf of Group Leaders on the conflict in Palestine and Israel

The Chair, Councillor Sarah Moore, on behalf of all the Group Leaders, made the following statement at full council on 14th March.

“We would like to express deep sympathy for all those affected by the conflict in Palestine and Israel. To those in the Bath and North East Somerset area who have been affected by this conflict, we offer our support during this difficult time.

“We hope for an immediate ceasefire and a peaceful resolution to this conflict. We hope for the immediate release of all hostages and for aid to be delivered.

“We believe that Muslims, Jews and people of all faiths and none should feel safe and supported throughout the world and we therefore condemn the increase in antisemitic and Islamophobic violence and abuse in the UK. In particular, we condemn the use of all dehumanising language and call on our communities to treat each other with respect and refrain from inflammatory terms to describe either the Palestinian or Israeli populations.”

Cllr Sarah Moore, Chair of Bath and North East Somerset Council
Cllr Kevin Guy, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group
Cllr Robin Moss, Leader of the Labour Group
Cllr Shaun Hughes, Leader of the Independent Group
Cllr Joanna Wright, Leader of the Green Group
Cllr Tim Warren, Leader of the Conservative Group 

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