Steve Day

Steve Day


Right now we are living in a time when the old political order is changing. It means that someone like me who has never put himself forward for election can absolutely do so and know without a shadow of a doubt that what I have to offer is worth voting for.

Old politics has failed, locally as well as globally, I ask you, the people of the Publow and Whitchurch Ward (and everywhere in between) to read this short letter and give me your vote in the coming Local Council Election. I promise to do it differently.

Who am I? My name is Steve Day; my wife and I live in a two bedroom cottage in the Chew Valley. My wife grew up in Keynsham, I’ve been living in Bristol since the 1970’s. Most of my life I have worked with people with learning disabilities. I am now a writer and musician. But, in the here and now, I’m focused on these Council Elections. I’m standing because I know there’s a positive task to be done on behalf of us all.

Whichever position you take on Brexit, we all know that the major parties have made a mockery of referendums. The farce has already cost 4 billion in public money that could have been used improving the environment, NHS, transport renewal and education. I ask you on this occasion to put aside whether you usually vote Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, or maybe not even bother to vote at all because you think they’re all useless. Here in the Publow and Whitchurch Ward we can do something to really improve our own lives as well begin the process of helping generations to come.

The Green Party is about putting the health and wellbeing of where we live first. If we ignore the climate change crisis it ultimately threatens our ability to do anything. Social stability, our jobs, our health, our ability to hand onto our children’s children a place to live where they can flourish is at risk. We can put aside the selfish politics of Westminster. Right now, here in NE Somerset, we can signal something decent. Not because one ‘Green’ council member can alter climate change but because together we can demand and plan for our own dignity and decency. Transport that doesn’t spew out carbon emissions, support investment in clean energy, a farming policy that works for consumers and farmers alike, reforms of local health and education services, the end to waste that wastes our own lives.

If you vote for me I can’t change Trump or Putin. But I can have a voice on fundamental local reforms which will make a difference. I can listen and represent genuine local people like yourselves - by being genuine myself. Right here where we live beside the A37, I can insist on doing business-as-usual differently. For once, let’s put aside tired, worn out, cynical old politics and change the face of things here in our own backyard. 

Thanks for reading this. Vote Green.
Best wishes to you. Steve Day your Green Party Candidate.

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