Leila Froud

Leila Froud


Hi I am Leila Froud and I am standing as Green Party candidate for Bathavon North. 

I have lived in Bath & NE Somerset for 8 years with my husband James and we have lived in the village of Bathford for 5 of those. We love this area and the people in it, especially the proximity to beautiful countryside. 

I work for an agricultural consultancy and have been working with farmers and within the environment sector for 10 years. My background is in soil science and I am the South West chair of the British Society of Soil Science. Looking after and improving our environment, even down to the soil that can easily go unnoticed, halting the dangerous slide towards climate disaster that we find ourselves within, and preventing further pollution are very important to me. 

Through my work, I know all this is possible, and that it may take a bit more effort but that we can get there. 

We can help our planet, and we can leave it in a better state for the next generation. We just have to start taking this seriously and work together, and we have to do this now. 

In Bath & NE Somerset, you have a great opportunity through this upcoming election to elect fresh energized voices to work together to make Bath and North East Somerset a better place. I believe we can do more, I believe we can do this, together, and I would like to be part of that, to work for you for a better future. 

Please elect Green candidates, to work collaboratively across Bath for better public transport, healthier environments, for healthier, safer and happier people, and to stand strong and move forwards for a greener future. The Greens elected in Bristol have worked amazingly hard for the people, we can do it in Bath. Where green Councillors are elected, green things happen. 


Vote Green on Thursday 2nd May. 

Thank you

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