Dick Daniel

Dick Daniel Kingsmead

I am passionate that we live sustainable and healthy lives, in a supportive and more equal society.

I have lived in Bath for over 20 years and am married with two teenage children. My children have always gone to local schools and I have been a school governor. At my daughter’s junior school I successfully campaigned to get the school a playing field so that the children had space to safely play outside.

Bath is a lovely and beautiful city, and we are lucky to have inherited so much from those with vision and passion. I would like to continue this work by supporting both the local community and the city, looking after our built environment while acting responsibly for the planet.

For me, living environmentally sustainably, having social cohesion & justice, as well as individual health & wellbeing, are all interlinked and cover the different levels of life; from the bigger picture, our immediate communities and our personal selves.

I have been actively involved with Transition Bath over many years. I have helped to campaign for improvements to the river path, and enjoy helping to bring people together through organising community events.

I am keen to see more support and investment in our local neighbourhoods, particularly the local shopping areas, and I would like to see proper provision for walking and cycling across the city, especially to schools. 


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