David Parkes

David Parkes

I have been a resident of Chew Valley for 20 years and I am standing for the Green Party in this election for two reasons. Firstly I feel we need to offer an alternative to the two party system which has so divided this nation over Brexit. Secondly there is no issue more important to me than protecting our environment for future generations.

The Chew Valley is a beautiful and tranquil area of outstanding natural beauty. Do we really want to see this area polluted by the noise and fumes of a ring road or a 100% increase in air traffic to Bristol Airport?

I have been working with town and parish councils to help local people get access to housing in unaffordable areas such as the Chew Valley. BaNES have a poor record in this area and I would like to see more council support for sustainable community-led housing in the Valley to help provide homes for local people on lower incomes.

If, like me, you feel your local council should be doing more than emptying your bins then please vote Green on May the second.

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