Christian Wach

Christian Wach

As a software developer, I write open source tools that help thousands of organisations worldwide. I think globally in my working life — and I am now acting locally by giving you the opportunity to vote Green in Westfield.

I am a Westfield resident who also works from home, so I naturally spend most of my time in the ward. I play football with my son in Westhill Recreation Ground and cycle to Midsomer Norton along the bike path. I go for walks in Waterside Valley where my son loves the rope swing and playing by the river.

When I got involved with the project to reinstate the old Miners’ Pool as a venue for wild swimming, I learnt that caring for the pool means caring for Snail’s Brook, the river that feeds it. This in turn means caring for the whole of Waterside Valley so that it continues to provide pleasure and amenity to all Westfield residents. I’d like to see this kind of care extended to the whole of Westfield ward.

When communities care for their local environment, they improve the quality of life for everyone. As any child who supported the school strikes will tell you, greening our neighbourhood is an achievable contribution to a movement of global importance.

We all need to stand and be counted, so that’s what I’m doing. Join me and count yourself in. Vote Green.

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