Dom Tristram Selected as Green Party Candidate for the Bath Constituency for the next General Election

29 November 2022

Bath and NE Somerset Green Party has selected Dom Tristram as its candidate to stand in Bath at the next General Election (to take place before the end of January 2025). Mr Tristram, as with all Green Party candidates, was chosen via a ballot of all members of the local party.

Dom Tristram said: “I’m really pleased to be selected to stand for the Greens in Bath again. It’s a huge vote of confidence from the local party and I’m proud of the way in which our party is uniquely democratic in this process, with no shortlists or ‘approved candidates’ from miles away sent to the constituency as other parties do.”

Dom Tristram last stood for the Greens in Bath in 2015 when he achieved the highest ever vote for the party in the constituency and one of the highest in the country. He has also represented the people of Bath as an elected Green Party governor at the RUH.

He said: “I have always cared deeply about the environment, but the Greens are also the only party that is campaigning for a publicly owned NHS, the only party that listens to the public’s wish to renationalise rail, bring our energy and water back into public hands, stop the demonisation of migrants, and raise the minimum wage to a living wage.

In Bath, which voted decisively for remaining in the EU, I also feel it is important to campaign for the only party that has a policy to rejoin and reverse what has clearly been a catastrophic move for the UK. It’s the truth that other parties refuse to say out loud, but we all know it and Greens clearly say it.”

Mr Tristram is a software engineer who has worked in the tech industry in and around Bath for 22 years, both for start-ups and larger companies. He has worked with various government and public bodies to advise on technology.

He continued, “Green Party candidates are widely known to have the best policies for both people and planet, but it’s important that anyone in power knows the reality of how the country works and knows how to improve it rather than treating politics as some sort of game of personal advancement. I know the issues for both small and large private business, and I have worked in the heart of central government in Westminster and other vital services such as the NHS, police and fire service, so I know first-hand of the effect of government decisions.

I have stood again because I strongly believe that the Greens offer the only genuine alternative to all of the other parties, who all support the failed neoliberal consensus we are suffering from today. We are the only party whose policies are evidence-based, rather than mired in ideological dogma. I promise to you that if elected I will work tirelessly to clean-up Parliament - I will fight for no more second jobs, no more ridiculous expenses, and no more acceptance of double standards by those in power.

The old parties have failed and the planet has no more time to give them a second chance, just as there is no more time for the public not to act. We can only change things by voting for those who will actually do it, and the time to vote is now. Our futures depend on it.”

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