Greens Proud of Talent and Diversity in Leadership Election

10 July 2020

Leader and deputy leader candidates


Last week, the Green Party of England and Wales announced the full list of candidates for its internal elections.

As a newly active member of the local party, it is exciting to see the number of candidates for each position and the diversity of the candidates. On a personal level, it shows the dedication of the party to promoting diversity in both its leadership and membership, and on a political level it shows an understanding of the importance of representation within the leadership of the country.

Within the past few months, we have all been reminded about the inequality that exists within the UK; the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on the BAME community, the elderly and vulnerable, and the negative impact of the extended lockdown on women (particularly those juggling childcare and home-working, and those in abusive and unsafe homes), the failure of the Government’s Windrush Compensation Scheme to pay out adequately, and the need for the Government to extend the Free School Meals programme to ensure that children have enough food to eat over the summer.

Without leaders who can represent the communities that they serve, we will continue to see our Government failing to support those most in need. It is imperative that all political parties look honestly at their leadership and consider how reflective it is of the country, not only to ensure that all of our citizens feel effectively represented, but also to ensure diversity of thought and experience feeds into policy making.

The Green Party’s list of candidates for this year’s internal elections is longer and more diverse than ever, demonstrating an active membership base and also the party’s dedication to encouraging its members to become involved in the leadership and governance of the party. It is the sign of an active and growing party that so many of the candidates are young and that many of them have not stood for election before. Many people are feeling the need to do more to support those in need within our country, push for a Green Recovery from the pandemic, and make a difference to how our country is run. There is a need for active and passionate people to become involved with politics and there has never been a better time to get involved on a local and national level.

The Green Party membership will be voting on all of the positions throughout August.


Renée Jacobs, BaNES Green Party, Founder of B in Bath


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