Rees-Mogg’s Climate Change failure

3 March 2019

Steve Day


The need to tackle climate change seems to be on everybody’s mind except those people who are supposed to be representing us in Parliament.  In March there was a debate on carbon reduction in this country.  School children across the UK and Europe took action but our politicians could not be bothered to turn up and do their job; a sparsely populated House of Commons was their response.  Something is woefully wrong in all this.  

Our MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg was not there; his view: “climate change is not worth fighting”.  Foolish, complacent and ridiculous.  The United Nations Intergovernmental Report on Climate Change outlines the critical danger of the global warming crisis. Our young people are taking action NOW.  They put us to shame. We cannot afford a parliamentary representative who fails them. Failure to find solutions means we abandon hope for our children’s children and the environment.  In the Chew Valley it is unacceptable that we give voice to a man, who denies the scale of this crisis.  We have a responsibility to act.  Rees-Mogg’s utter failure to take climate change seriously means we ourselves abandon action if we continue with his ‘representation’.  It is no representation at all.

Steve Day

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