Molly Scott Cato Green MEP slams Conservatives on Brexit

7 February 2017

Molly Scott Cato

Green MEP for the South West, Molly Scott Cato, held a talk organised by Bath for Europe and slammed the Conservatives for ignoring local business needs in the aftermath of the EU referendum. This is in the wake of the vote on enacting article 50 in which Bath MP Ben Howlett voted to leave, even though Bath voted 60% remain.

The talk focused on the economy and the single market, highlighting the need to support local farmers and how much the South West relies on trade with the Europe economic bloc.

Molly also spoke of the failings of the Conservatives on this issue, with their “cuddling up” to the “racist policies” implemented by Trump, and their plan to cut corners and reduce vital regulations.

Molly said:

“Leaving the single market will prove disastrous for the South West, with two-thirds or more of exports from the region’s major cities going to Europe. But it would not only be bad for trade and jobs; it threatens to tear up worker and consumer rights and important environmental regulations that go with our membership of the single market.

“There is no mandate for Theresa May’s extreme Brexit and polls show that the majority of people want the UK to remain in the single market. Triggering Article 50 without a clear plan on defending our economic interests and safeguarding our hard-won environmental and social protections is irresponsible.”

The Green Parliamentary Candidate Eleanor Field, also at the talk said,

“The uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the economic future for Bath is in jeopardy. Ben Howlett voted to invoke Article 50 and has failed the people of Bath who voted overwhelmingly to remain.”

Eleanor added,

“He is only looking at his career in parliament now, not putting the voice of Bath first. He has failed to protect Bath’s businesses, residents, and young people with this vote. Bath deserves better, it needs a strong voice that is going to protect Bath strongly in how they act and how they vote.” 

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