Lin Patterson - Lambridge

Lin Patterson, Lambridge

Lambridge ward needs its shopping areas in Larkhall and Fairfield Park. If amenities are lost, shoppers opt for the city centre. If we lose even one shop, the whole area suffers, since it is the mix of shops that draws people.

Ghost villages are appearing all over the country. I successfully fought cuts in the bus service, and the closure of the public toilets in Larkhall, which, due to that campaign were kept open for a year longer than the council planned.

I helped set up New Oriel Hall and still serve as Trustee and Company Secretary.  Now I am raising local awareness about our regional Bristol Credit Union, which provides mutual, ethical, community banking.  This is useful for everyone. It offers an alternative to payday lenders in times of need.

I moved to the UK from the US in 1971, and became a citizen in 2013.  Although for many years, I have been politically active here, working for peace, justice, the environment and community, this step enables me to stand for public office.

I joined the Green Party in 2011, when I realized how consistent its policies were with my values as a Quaker.

I am a former nurse and have been working professionally as a psychotherapist since 1988. I have a grown daughter and new grandson, and live in central Larkhall, which I love.

I would also love to hear from you about your local concerns.  To be of service, we need to be in touch. Your support is welcome.

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