Dom Tristram, Green Candidate For Bath, Pledges to Back New Legislation To Tackle The Climate and Nature Crisis

Dom Tristram, the Green Party candidate for Bath, has announced his endorsement of the Climate and Nature Bill (CAN Bill), a groundbreaking piece of legislation introduced in the House of Commons on March 21st. Supported by 180 MPs and Peers representing all major parties, this bill aims to address the pressing challenges posed by climate change and biodiversity loss.

Dom expressed his pride in backing the cross-party Climate and Nature Bill as an integral part of his candidacy for Bath. “I believe this legislation holds tremendous potential to benefit not only the residents of our city but also the broader local community,” he stated.

“The CAN Bill has long been championed by Green MP Caroline Lucas in the Commons, who tabled it on two occasions. Additionally, in the Lords, it has received support from Green peers Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle and Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb, who’ve also pushed the UK Government to adopt it. This Bill is yet another example of why it is important to have Greens in Parliament.”

Dom underscored the tangible impacts of climate change already being felt and the shared concern within the community regarding the detrimental effects of these phenomena on livelihoods and quality of life. “In Bath we are seeing ever more frequent flooding due to heavy and persistent rain. Buildings and infrastructure are damaged, and our waterways frequently polluted with untreated sewage. For example, in 2023 sewage was released for nearly 1,000 hours into the Avon under the A46, and for nearly 500 hours by Morrisons on London Road.

“Climate change isn’t just about the world warming up. It’s about the effects of that warming, including increased frequency of heavy rain. The climate emergency has a very real effect on our everyday lives right now, so it’s vital that we start to address it meaningfully. That requires legalisation, not just words.

“The comprehensive approach outlined in the Climate and Nature Bill offers a unified strategy for our nation to address the crises of climate change and biodiversity loss,” Dom explained. “By embracing this plan, we can reclaim our position as environmental leaders and take meaningful steps towards reducing energy costs, safeguarding wildlife, fostering green employment opportunities, and strengthening energy and food security.”

Dom highlighted the significant and immediate benefits that implementing such legislation would bring to residents and organisations in the Bath constituency. He urged community members to join him in supporting the Climate and Nature Bill for the betterment of their local area and the nation as a whole.

CAN Bill supporter, Dr Amy McDonnell, from the Zero Hour campaign, said: “We’re delighted to know that, if elected as the next MP for Bath, Dom will be a champion of the Climate and Nature Bill in Westminster. We now call on all of their fellow candidates to do the same.”

The campaign for the CAN Bill is being run by Zero Hour, an environmental group. The CAN Bill currently has the backing of 200 scientists, 350 local councils, and 500 organisations including The Women’s Institute, The Co-operative Bank, Ecotricity, and Friends of the Earth.

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